COVID-19 Announcement

COVID-19 Announcement

As we all know, it is a very strange and worrying time in the world at the moment.  With so many businesses currently needing to close their doors to the public I am fortunate that as I already work from home there is not as much disruption for my business.

That said, today is day one of having both my kids home (aged 10 and 8) while I try to work and give the kids work to do.  It’s not an easy task as I’m sure parents everywhere can appreciate.

I am keeping my business open as long as possible, however I have to put the kids first so orders will take longer to ship out.  I have therefore changed all my items to a 2 week turnaround which I hope will allow me to both help the kids and keep my business afloat.  I will also no doubt be quieter on social media during this time.

If you need an item for a particular date please do get in touch to see if I can get it to you for this date.


I also want to stress that the NHS website states COVID-19 “is very unlikely it can be spread through things like packages or food”  but I want to assure all my customers of the following:

  • I wash my hands frequently
  • I work from home, as does my husband now, and we are socially distancing so rarely come into contact with others.
  • All my wooden items sit for 24 hours in my workroom before they are shipped off – this is to let the oil or stain dry.
  • I wear gloves to package up the items and walk the to the post office 5 minutes from my house in a very rural location


  • I am no longer sending items out of the UK for the time being.
  • I am currently offering 1st class post with Royal Mail service (no second class).
  • I will post all items out within 2 weeks of being ordered (often quicker but can not guarantee this at the current time).
  • Please check with Royal Mail about current delays caused by the virus and be patient at this challenging time.

Stay Safe Everyone – and support small businesses

We are in uncharted waters at the mo and everyone is doing all they can for their families.  We don’t know how long the restrictions will last, or how bad it will get before it gets better.  I wish everyone the best and hope you all stay safe.  If you can, please support your local small businesses at this time – I know a lot are trying their best to diversify to help their businesses and their communities and I hope this will be enough for them to stay afloat.

Stay safe, be kind and look after each other. x