Antique Style Rustic Boxes - ideal gift for Mother's Day

Antique Style Rustic Boxes - ideal gift for Mother's Day

sunflower wooden box

These beautiful wooden boxes come in 4 sizes and several different styles and make wonderful gifts - especially if filled with your loved one's favourite things! The sturdy wooden boxes are stained to give an aged antique look.

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Sunflower Box

The sunflower boxes come in 3 sizes which can be purchased by themselves or in a money saving bundle of all 3 sizes.  These would make a wonderful gift for a sunflower fan.

Dandelion Wishes Box

dandelion boxes

These boxes come in two sizes and with a choice of traditional style dandelion or hearts.

Chocolate Stash Box

chocolate stash wooden box

The perfect gift for a chocoholic - especially if filled with their favourites!  A lovely wooden box for them to stash their treats.

Wooden Hearts Box

love hearts box

Express your love with a beautiful heart box!

'His/Her Stuff' Box

his stuff wooden box

Choose the text you prefer - His Stuff, Her Stuff or Their Stuff.  Perfect little nik naks box.